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If I had a £1 for every time I’m asked ‘What’s the best crystal to buy?’

And always, always my advice is to go with whatever crystal you are drawn to…..that’s the energy that you need right now.

For example, whilst you might be looking for love, the crystals might be saying that you need grounding crystals to help you not get carried away or taken advantage of in your quest for love.

You see, the crystals always know; and they can see straight through any egoic agendas or biases that are influencing you at any given moment.

All of that said, if you are a crystal lover and you can’t resist a crystal purchase then you might find this a useful guide so that you can add to your crystal collection based on your needs.

So if love is indeed your quest then some of the best crystals to buy for love and matters of the heart are:

ROSE QUARTZ: the energy of unconditional love, a very peaceful and innocent energy.

RHODOCHROSITE: in order to love others unconditionally we must love ourselves unconditionally and this crystal is the crystal of self love and self worth.

RHODONITE: deep heart healing from wounds that you are struggling to heal.  It’s hard to jump from heart ache to unconditional love so use this crystal to heal wounds of heart ache first.

Best crystals to buy that can help you secure a promotion at work or do well at a job interview include:

TURQUOISE: a crystal that will help you speak your truth and be heard, what a great ally for a job interview!

CLEAR QUARTZ: this is a crystal that could be used for all purposes as it is The Master Healer, but I’ve chosen it in this section because I find it is a bringer of clarity.  If you are crystal clear 😉about your goals, they are so much easier to achieve.

TIGERS EYE: a crystal that brings good luck when you need it, strength and agility so that you can think on your feet and act with courage.

My go to stress busting crystals are grounding crystals:

BLACK TOURMALINE: think of black tourmaline as s sponge that absorbs all that is weighing you down.  Cleanse it regularly for it to keep on doing it’s work.

HEMATITE: A lovely grounding crystal to get your thoughts out of your head and more connected to the earth; but one that also conveys a message of hope…..a sense that this too shall pass.

AMBER: An amber necklace or bracelet is fantastic for absorbing negativity from around you.

The best crystals to buy to help your overall health and wellbeing:

LABRADORITE: I’ve personally used this crystal to great effect for getting rid of viruses be they a cold virus or a verucca virus.  Definitely a crystal worth having to hand.

MOSS AGATE:  look deep into this crystal, especially the dendritic kind, and you’ll see how it looks like there are veins of moss growing inside the crystal.  Then relate this to your capillaries, veins and articles and it help you sense how this crystal helps with circulation and blood cleansing.

IRON PYRITE: I have two go-to detoxification crystals and iron pyrite is the most easily available.  Detox isn’t just for overindulging at Christmas, it’s for detoxing all the additives in our every day food but also for emotional detoxification too.

Or if you feel exhausted because you are pulled in every different direction then centering is what you need.  The best crystals to buy for improving your energy include:

CITRINE: Helps you get rid of the negative voices and get things done……sometimes called manifesting!

HONEY CALCITE: a little motivational beauty this crystal.  It’s not a kick up the butt, more of an arm around your shoulder to remind you you’ve got this.

CRAZY LACE AGATE: now then.  This one can bring you such focus and clarity that people on the outside will look in and think you’ve gone a little bit……crazy.  It’s a get stuff done kinda crystal.

Remember too that there are literally thousands of crystals out there, I kid you not!  So your crystal of choice for the above uses, or others, might be totally different and if that’s the case, then that is awesome too.

You do you, and you do whatever works for you.

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