Hi, I’m Jo!

I created Stone & Joy so that everyone could transform their life using the extraordinary power of crystal therapy.

Figuring out what crystals will help you, how to use them and how to look after them can be totally overwhelming. I’ve been there! You don’t know where to look for information and when you do find the information it’s full of terms and concepts that you don’t understand. It’s like going on a wild goose chase and who has the time for that?

After experiencing the transformation crystals brought to my life, I wanted to know everything! So I invested thousands of pounds and countless hours in training courses. I know that’s just not realistic for everyone so I want to make the practical know-how and the powerful energies of crystals accessible to anyone who knows, deep down, the importance of maintaining their energetic well-being.

Ways to work with me
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Crystal therapy is powerful

And everyone has the ability to harness that power.

In fact, it’s actually really simple when you work with me.

I can show you how to make accessing the energy of crystals as simple as one, two, three.

How would it feel to manifest the life of your dreams in your sleep?  Really…..it CAN be that easy, and that flowing.

What I really want for you

Is for you to have unlimited energy and boundless creativity to manifest your dream life where you feel safe, loved, joyful and connected.

From self paced DIY courses to monthly memberships I’ve got everything you need to achieve all of this.  Your friends and family will soon be commenting on the amazing changes that they see in you and you will feel an incredible inner glow that lights up your smile.

Are you ready to get started with crystal therapy?

Learn more about the different ways you can work with me.

The Stone & Joy Online Crystals Course

Do you prefer to learn for yourself, perhaps in the stillness of your own time?  I created this course, just for you: it is self paced, you’ll have access for life and it is experiential.  You don’t just learn about crystals, you experience them.

With a range of self treatments staggered across the curriculum, module by module, you’ll feel your knowledge grow and your vibration glow.

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The Stone & Joy Circle

Or maybe you simply want to rest easy in the knowledge that you are receiving energy treatments from an expert three times a month?

Yes, you always want to learn all things crystals and energy related but actually, you are at a stage where you recognise you need some support on your journey.

Then the Stone & Joy Circle will suit you perfectly.  A like minded community of crystal lovers, I send healing energy to you all through three unique treatments each month.

I host a live workshop each month to boost your knowledge and keep you focussed; and every month all members receive a collectible Crystal Oracle Card in the post.

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1-1 Energy Jumpstart

Are trips to the Doctors and blood tests frustratingly telling you that there is nothing wrong BUT YOU KNOW that you feel rock bottom and are convinced that something is being missed?

You’ve most probably had surgery or have lots of sports injury scars that you have mainly forgotten about, thinking them long healed?

I promise you, your energy is imbalanced and disrupted and crystal therapy is an excellent way to correct this.

Book a free chat with me so we can talk about how I can help by building you a tailored recovery programme to get you feeling fabulous again – you’ll end up wishing you’d spoken to me years ago!

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