Why Stone & Joy?

Not everyone has the capacity to train to be an expert crystal practitioner. And not everyone feels the need to get to that level anyway. It’s the things they can do on a regular basis to improve their day to day life that matters to them; and knowing that you have trusted therapist working with you in your best interests.

I have achieved the highest level of qualification in Crystal Therapy and am accredited through ACHO.  To maintain my qualification and insurance I commit to the highest standards of ongoing Continued Professional Development.  

I am considered to be a leading expert in the field of Meridian Crystal Therapy which I consider an essential part of any therapy programme for any client who has surgical or sports scars.  These scars cause untold damage but when the damage is repaired it can be transformational in the most unexpected of ways.

If this sounds good to you, find out more about the different ways that you can work with me.

How you can work with Jo

Stone & Joy Guiding Principles

So what is this community of crystal curious people all about? These are the values we work by:

Ethics & Standards first

Ethical living will always be close to my heart. So I am committed to operating Stone & Joy in a way that makes a positive impact and doesn’t come at the expense of other people or the planet.  This includes maintaining and improving the qualifications and experience of all therapists who work under our brand.

Open community 

If you are interested in learning about crystals, you are welcome here. To be honest we’re not your stereotypical bunch of crystal users. We’d blend into boardrooms and the rush of daily commuters. The only difference is we know how life changing crystals can be too.

Led by the tangible

Fluffy and flouncy isn’t our thing. There’s science behind the power of crystals. (Did you know that it’s actually crystals that are powering your phone and laptop?) And there are so many examples of the real effects it has had on people. Of course, you want to harness it for yourself.

I’ve experienced the power of crystals first-hand!

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