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Using crystal therapy treatments I help people like you banish chaos and exhaustion from your life; reclaiming calm, balance, joy and a whole lot of fun.

You’ll feel a whole new you!

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Crystal Therapy Treatments From the Comfort of Home

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Do you feel pulled in every different direction?  Then this free centering treatment is for you.  Available on demand so you can experience it at a time and place that is convenient for you, you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes to you.

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New to crystal therapy?

The world of holistic therapies might be feeling like a whole new, exciting but confusing world for you right now.  You instinctively know it can help you but you just don’t know where to start.  I’m here to change that, get you confident and comfortable with all of it.  

I recommend you start with these resources, think of them as a step-by-step guide to crystal therapy treatments and all that they can offer:

So how does crystal therapy work then?

Find out more about the science and psychology that makes crystal therapy treatments so effective.

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Receive a treatment on me.  Honestly, I want you to experience how it all works because I don’t want uncertainty to hold you back from a whole new life.

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From courses to group treatment and 1-1 programmes, I offer a range of solutions to help you access crystal therapy treatments to feel energised once more.

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Crystal Therapy Treatments | Home Crystal Therapy - Stone & Joy
Your Crystal Lady

Meet Jo, Your Crystal Lady

When corporate burnout stopped me in my tracks, it was healing from crystal therapy treatments that restored my health. The universe did a number on me that’s for sure! I was a career woman through and through (and still am a passionate entrepreneur) but the way I was living my life just wasn’t sustainable.

It wasn’t until I tapped into the power of crystal therapy that I found balance in the chaos, peace in the rush and healing from a lifetime of trauma that I’d never dealt with properly.

It took me 3 years and thousands of pounds to get the knowledge I have of crystal therapy treatments and I’d be honoured to use that knowledge to help you return to wellness just as I did.

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A safe space
for the crystal curious

The overwhelm. The imbalance. The negative self-talk. You are not alone in struggling with the strain of modern day living. It’s time you did something for you. If it feels intuitively right, why not give crystal therapy a go?

“An everyday wonder! From crystals sceptic to true believer in a few short months, I've never had such clarity and focus.”

The Lovely Helen
Let me help you choose where to start
Crystal Therapy Treatments | Home Crystal Therapy - Stone & Joy
From exhaustion to a life of joy

Crystal Therapy Treatments Lift You Up.

Self care is not an indulgence nor is it a treat to be earned. If it’s something you do when there’s money left at the end of the month, you are not alone in putting your own needs last.  I’m here to remind you that self care is an essential part of maintaining your physical, mental and emotional well-being. If in your heart you know you are struggling, if all else has failed, this is the place to start.

“I always knew you could help me. I just wish I'd come to you sooner because I am in so much better a place now.”

Extraordinary Emma
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inner peace clarity physical health wealth a full heart inner child work generational trauma post surgery recovery

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