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As a practitioner of crystal therapy I am often asked ‘So come on then, how do crystals actually work then?’

And, depending on your natural leaning towards or away from science, there are a myriad of different answers.

I like to give quite a scientific answer to the question, which I’ll come onto later in this blog but that in no way negates some of the less scientific views on how crystals work.


I have worked with and trained with crystal therapists who simply just believe that the energy of crystals help us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  In the same way that a person of any religious faith simply believes that their God exists.

For me, that belief is POWERFUL.

When you so unquestioningly believe in something it creates a mindset and SETS INTENTIONS that perpetuates that belief.  If you believe God is good then no matter what happens in your life you will interpret that event as the greatness of God serving you.

If you believe that a crystal will help you interview well for the job that you have applied for, then so it shall be.

Similarly, we have all heard of miraculous recoveries from serious illnesses; and usually in such instances the patient has created in their mind an unwavering belief that they will recover.  Their mindset got them through.

I wish that my belief were so unwavering that there were never ever any seeds of doubt in my mind, but my belief is not (yet) that unwavering.  I am of a too logical, too scientific a mind.  But the more I study the science behind crystals the less surprised I am that scientists, many moons ago, were so often men (and the occasional woman) of religion.


And not dissimilar to ‘belief’ is the ‘Placebo Effect.’  The slight difference is that belief has been created because you undertook an action: you took a pill or you received a crystal therapy treatment for example.

The Placebo Effect may only be temporary if the belief is that you need to keep taking the pill or receive regular treatments in order for the effect to be sustained.

Once again, for me the Placebo Effect is powerful and countless scientific and medical studies have proven it to be so.


From this point onwards we start to veer into the world of science.  And I’m the first to admit that my science is pretty much limited to High School science.

Yet even in High School Science there are already seeds of evidence that tell us how crystals work.  I think I’m right in saying that even now in school children are taught that light is an energy and that energy travels.

For example, the light of the sun travels 152 million miles in just over 8 minutes to arrive here on Earth with us.  We can’t see it, we can’t touch it, it burns our skin if we are not careful.  Unequivocally, we are all taught that the energy of the sun travels from the sun, super fast, to get to us here on Earth.

So surely it’s only natural and obvious that a crystal, a different type of rock to the sun, can also emit energy that travels significant distance during a distance healing treatment, to affect us physically and emotionally.

The suns energy makes trees photosynthesise and the human body produce Vitamin D.  No one doubts that the suns energy has a physical effect on us and that with good levels of Vitamin D our bodies, minds and souls feel healthier.

That’s my favourite way to answer the questions when I’m asked if crystals really work – well if the suns energy can reach each and every one of us in 8 minutes, why cannot all of us receive the energy of crystals with some guidance from an expert therapist like myself?

But I’d be lying if that’s the full extent of my scientific investigations.

I’ve looked into the work of Dr Emoto who scientifically proved that emotions can transfer across long distances and alter the make up of water…..positive emotions can improve the quality of polluted water and, conversely, negative emotions can make perfectly good water, low quality.

And guess what folks, we humans are a good 70% water.  So again, if water can absorb these energyies, so can we!

Now doesn’t that go a long way to explaining how we feel that we can literally ABSORB an atmosphere?  A joyful birthday party celebration lifts us out of our dark mood and an angry boss can make us feel negative after the day in the office.

A lot of Dr Emoto’s work is captured in videos and pictures and you can find them here.

It’s fascinating stuff.


Ever more crystal curious, I’ve even started venturing into the realms of quantum physics and what I’ve learnt is that quantum physicists already KNOW that we humans, and the universe around us are not particles as we’ve always been taught but fluid like substances that are called quantum fields.  I’ve attempted to illustrate this in the image attached to this blog.

In this hour long (but fun) lecture by David Tong, Professor of Quantum Fields at Cambridge University, he explains how the work that they are doing has unpicked all that we know about particle science, proving it is to be wholly inacuurate.

Yet whilst the quantum physicists have disproved what we currently know it is nowhere near knowing what theories should replace the theories of particle science.  He is at least able to laugh at himself for this absurdity.

What he describes, that we humans and the universe around is, are all just a series of waves is a step towards proof that the energy of crystals can effect the energy of we humans.

Yet I doubt the full answer will ever be known in my lifetime.  And what David hints at in this lecture is that as we know more, the infinitesimal size of the knowledge will only become more obvious and we shall likely never know it all.

And if we cannot and do not understand it all, then that brings us full circle back to Belief!

It is my belief that quantum physics is taking us closer and closer to evidencing that crystal therapy works and, indeed, how they work.

I also believe that Western Medicine is essential.  That it can and does save lives but that we cannot and should not rely on it; that we should seek to manage our own wellness so as to avoid the need for Medical intervention.

And I have seen for myself the impact that crystal therapy has on the lives of my clients.

So long answer short, whilst my semi-scientific answer is me being playful, never have I been more certain that crystal therapy works.

Try it and see with my free centering treatment which you can download here.