Work With Me 1-1

Sometimes, when you’ve been in push mode for a long time, your health and well being might feel like it’s at rock bottom.

You might feel like you’ve just never quite been the same since you had some surgery or were involved in an accident.

And you are sick and tired of being told by your Doctor that your bloods are normal, there’s nothing wrong with you.

Stone & Joy Energetic Jumpstart

Prices start from £990 (Instalment options available)

I call this The Energetic Jumpstart because I know how important it is for you to feel well again quickly: it’s gentle, relaxing but effective.

Every woman is unique and so every programme is tailored to your unique needs.  Book your FREE 45 minute 1-1 call with me now so I can define the best programme for you, with you.

Typically the type of work that I would expect to do includes easing generational trauma, nurturing your inner child, releasing blockers and fears as well as using my expertise in repairing Meridians that have been damaged during the course of surgical procedures.

At the end of our 1-1 work you will have ongoing access to the Stone & Joy Circle to help you stay energetically topped up and in flow for the rest of your life.

We kick off with a two hour 1-1, just the two of us, to cover the initial intake questionnaire, what you’d like to achieve as well as a 1-1 treatment and two ‘take-aways’ for you to lovingly implement straight away.
A VIP fully personalised programme of 1-1 Zoom treatments with me designed to jumpstart your energetic transformation.
WhatsApp chat access to me throughout your 1-1 programme.
Maintain your new found energetic balance with forever access to Group Treatments, Workshops and the Facebook Group Community and ALL of the other benefits of The Stone & Joy Circle .
An energetic house and office cleanse. Let’s remove everything that is holding you back.
It breaks my heart but I can only accept 10 Energy Jumpstart clients at any one time.  

Our crystal curious tribe have some things they’d like to share with you

If I hadn't taken the leap and invested in myself I'd have just continued to get dragged down by the negative energy that Jo has released me from. Self care used to feel like a luxury but now I realise that it's essential. To be honest, it makes my eyes well up when I think about how I used to was no way to live. This has been life changing for me and I am humbled by how much Jo gives.

Anonymous Survivor

I’m a Reiki practitioner myself so It’s been really good to learn about another holistic therapy, particularly crystals. I’ve got many crystals myself and can sense the energy so it’s been amazing to experience it and learn from Jo. I’ve enjoyed both 1-2-1 and group treatments, Jo’s been really accommodating with her time, doing early morning therapy with me (at 6.30am).

Reiki Master Jody

I started out just enjoying the treatments as a bit of treat to myself. It was nice to have an hour of time where no-one could get at me, a bit of peace and quiet. But then I started to attract better things into my life. I'll never understand it, I still feel a bit bonkers saying it. But there you have it.

Energised Ian
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