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The 30 Days to Wellness Programme is my FREE signature programme to help you build the foundations of a balanced lifestyle from a place of self love.

Yes, you read that right, it’s FREE!

You see my vision and mission was always about helping as many women get back to Wellness just like I did.

My Wellness Story

I’ve spent most of my life over-working, under-relaxing and, most damaging of all, self loathing.

I’ve spent THOUSANDS on PT’s, nutritionists, supplements and I can pretty much cite the synopsis of every diet plan on the planet.  You name it, I’ve done it.  And not a darn thing of it worked because I did it all from a place of self loathing.

Having retrained as a Crystal Therapist I can now see that my whole lifestyle was one big fire pit of stress and by attacking my physical body with diet regimes, exercise that I loathed I was just adding more fuel into that fire pit of stress.

And stress causes inflammation.

Inflammation causes disease.

So not only was I not a Size 8, I was actually becoming ill too.  Painful joints, endometriosis, PCOS and loose bowels were crippling me and my whole life.

So I stopped it all.  I simply could not continue.

And to my shock I didn’t pile on 10 pounds in a day, a week or even a month.

I took stock and started to address my negative self talk, started to invest in my mindset, to nurture my inner child and suddenly discovered that when I acted from a place of self love, my body responded graciously back.

Did the 30 Days to Wellness Programme work for me?

I am still not a Size 8.  But I no longer aspire to be.

I am fit and the healthiest I have been and, when I choose to, I am able to loose weight lovingly and easily.  And trust me, I NEVER thought those words would come out of my mouth!

The 30 Days to Wellness Challenge is me sharing all that I have learnt with you so that you too can get the basic wellness foundations in place.  One of the byproducts of the Challenge is that you might lose weight but that’s not really the goal.

The goal, you see, is to create the right foundations so that you can live a long and healthy life.  If at some point you decide you want to shed a few pounds, with these foundations you’ll be able to do just that.  No fuss, no trauma, no guilt, no shame.

The 30 Days to Wellness Programme and what it’s all about

I host the Programme in a Facebook Group which you can join here.

It is a rolling monthly Programme, you can stay as long as you like and the Programme restarts on the 15th of every month.  You can join anytime and I’ll just let you into the Group on the 13th of the next month.

Every day I go live in the Group at about lunchtime and explain to you the habit that I’d like you to integrate into your life from today onwards.  There are variations of the habit to suit beginners all the way through to people who have been practising this for some time.

The habits include diet and nutrition advice backed up by science as well as tapping, crystal therapy and meditation.  I make sure that they are all super affordable as I don’t want there to be any financial blockers getting in the way of your Wellness.


Everything that we do in the Programme is initiated from a place of self love because one of the key drivers is to reduce mental, emotional and physical stress.  You’ll hear me talk a lot about the impact of stress on the body throughout the 30 days so I’ll not over do it now.

But if you want to feel good about yourself from the inside out, then join the Programme now.  You’ll be so glad that you did.