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Let me Tell you a Story

Once upon a time, mankind knew how to achieve a balanced lifestyle.  Mankind knew and understood that Wellness was nothing to do with dress size and was everything to do with connecting and balancing mind, body and spirit.

The body’s needs were met because cars didn’t exist so all effort and energy was put into taking good care of the mind and soul with things like crystal therapy, worshipping the seasons, gratitude ceremonies at harvest time and connection with the universe.

Then came the Period of Enlightenment, followed swiftly by the Industrial Revolution.  Amidst all that  mankind forgot all that it knew and started pumping each other (and the food they ate) full of drugs to keep the body (and economy) going whilst furthering the disconnect between mind, body and spirit.

A pandemic of physical and mental disease ensued.  People worshipped hospitals as places of healing and so they spent increasing amounts of their time in these medical facilities.

Not The End.

The Next Chapter

It’s not the end because mankind is waking up to the need to get back to the balance of mind, body and spirit: A Truly Balanced Lifestyle.

We are recognizing that when the mind and spirit are stretched to breaking point, so too is the body.

You see, physical inflammation isn’t just a bodily response to a paper cut or a viral infection.  It is also caused by the conflict created when the needs of the body, mind and spirit are not all in balance.

Crystal Therapy, Reiki, Meditation and Spirituality are the new tools in Wellness but the danger is that it all becomes overwhelming because they do not replace the things that the body needs such as exercise, quality food and water.

If this all sounds too much in an already hectic life, read on as I’ve summarized for you the easy steps to achieving the balance.

Or you can join my FREE 30 Days to Wellness Programme here.  It’s a monthly  programme where each day the members build in a self loving action to take them closer and closer to wellness by embedding the habits I describe below.

But if you want to learn more right now, read on!

Balancing the Needs of The Physical Body

The physical body is the area that has received most attention for the last 100 years. Despite so much attention and research there is a lot of conflicting information out there.  However, there are key themes emerging in all the research into diets and lifestyles that create longevity which I’ve summarized below.

  • Hydration is key, ideally filtered water because the stuff that comes out of our taps isn’t that great.
  • Try and move everyday. 5 days a week try and move a lot more.
  • Some foods are just off the richter scale good for us: green veggies, red and purple veggies, green tea, flaxseed, turmeric, nuts and seeds.
  • Some foods are just off the richter scale bad for us: sugar, artificial sweeteners and anything else processed. About 80% of what’s on the supermarket shelves.
  • Some foods have become bad for us because of how they are now produced: meat and dairy. Know your supply chain and/or limit the amount of these that you consume.

The importance of The Mind in achieving a Balanced Lifestyle

Between Nanny States and Mega-Corporations Advertising it is little wonder that we are left wondering how on earth we can achieve a balanced lifestyle.  We are conditioned to believe, through advertising, that our lives should look a certain way using products which poison our bodies and minds whilst numbing our spirits.

Which is why the 30 Days to Wellness Group is invaluable, it serves as reminder that these adverts are not for our benefit but for the benefit of shareholders.

In the Group I share with you how to build these habits into your daily life:

  • Practise self-love daily
  • Read for fun
  • Read for personal development
  • Get outside, explore new places
  • Take regular breaks at work
  • Journalling
  • Gratitude and appreciation
  • Become aware of your energy systems and take care of them.
  • Practise grounding and centering using crystals or other techniques
  • Learn acceptance

A Balanced Lifestyle Must Address the Needs of the Soul

You can all breathe a sign of relief.  I am not here to recruit you into a mysterious cult hidden away in a remote part of a secluded island.  Though I accept that may have a certain appeal to some of you desperate to escape your current reality.

Spirit, the most overlooked part of how to achieve a balanced lifestyle, is about connection and consciousness.  Consciously making life choices that light you up with  love and joy.  Connecting with your loved ones and like minded souls beyond the whatsapp message.

The habits that help you with this, interestingly, are very often free of charge.  No wonder we don’t see adverts for them.

  • Build a vision of your ideal life
  • STOP daily. Put the handbrake on.
  • Meditate, with or without crystals
  • Practise visualization
  • Practise manifestation
  • Learn to balance your energy field yourself or receive a crystal therapy treatment
  • Work on your important relationships: play games with the people you love
  • Put your phone on airplane mode at night so that you rest and recover without an electro-magnetic fog around you.


Wellness and a Balanced Lifestyle is Simple

Better still, most of it isn’t patented so you don’t need to be super rich to achieve it.

The support, reminders and accountability offered in my 30 Days to Wellness Facebook Group keeps you on track.

I offer daily reminders to get all the foundations in place that will grant you wellness and inspire you to keep at it.  You take little steps, then the following month you build on those little steps and add in a bit more self love.

And that’s it.

Wellness is quite simply putting in place the daily self love habits that balance the needs of your mind, body and soul.  Do those things and you really have figured out how to achieve a balanced lifestyle.