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My goal as a fully trained and qualified crystal therapy is to get to the source of what ails you.

It is normally the case that there is some symptom or problem that has brought you to me, though increasingly more and more people are drawn to crystal therapy because they are becoming increasingly aware of the need to manage their emotional energy or vibration.

And I think it’s useful to differentiate between energy – the calories we consume and burn and vibration – the frequency at which we vibrate regardless of what food we’ve eaten.

But even those clients who are starting to become aware of this need to manage their vibration, they still come to me with a symptom.  It might be that there’s a recurring pattern of failing relationships as opposed to a long history of aches and pains or problem with weight management.

No matter the symptom I’m hear to listen intently to your physical, emotional and mental ailments; observing your symptoms as I go.

I am always interested in medical histories and any scars from either accidents or surgeries as it builds a picture for me of which energetic systems have been disrupted at some point in the past.

I always assess your different energy systems: your aura, your chakras, your meridians.

And yes, it can all be done remotely because energy travels!  (Check out my blog on how crystals work if you’d like to understand more about this.)

Then I piece all of that information together to determine what type of treatment would suit you best: the answer is always totally different for every person.  For one person there may be work to be done to heal the inner child, whilst for another meridian damage caused by a c-section 26 years ago may need to be resolved in order that the relationship issues or aches and pains may be addressed at a root cause.

I repeat, time and again, NO holistic therapy is a replacement for Western Medicine.  Western Medicine is the ONLY solution in acute medical emergencies as well as in the management of chronic disease.

However, in a world where we increasingly need to take more responsibility for our wellness in order to avoid an acute illness or chronic disease, holistic therapies have a vital role to play, including crystal therapy.

Some of that may be improving our mental health so that we may work towards a longer term goal that will result in improved physical health and, ultimately, a reduction…..even a cessation of medication WITH the support of your Doctor.

It may be that the client needs help to develop strategies for reducing stress in order to improve their physical health in the long term.  This might be helping them to communicate better or just teaching them how to switch off from their hectic day to day life.

And that’s why it’s holistic.  It’s looking at the bigger picture as opposed to the specific ailment.

My clients come to realise that the ailment is not only alleviated but other  changes have started to happen.

Sudden lightbulb moments about how, six months ago, they’d have turned to wine as a coping strategy whereas now their go-to is a barefoot walk around the garden.

Petty quickly my clients tend to like themselves more and be finding life more joyful, loving and fun as a result of receiving crystal therapy.

Does it get more holistic than that?

If you want to try it for yourself I offer this complimentary centering treatment which you can download here, and use at a time to suit you.  It also includes some helpful tips that you can use any time, anywhere too!

Try it, you’ll enjoy it I’m certain!  And it might just be that thing that you look back on thinking ‘that was the best thing I ever did.’