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Are you ready to tap into your inner goddess and manifest the life of your dreams? One powerful tool that can help you do just that is creating a vision board. A vision board is a visual representation of your goals, dreams, and desires. It serves as a daily reminder to your Reticular Activation System (RAS) or subconscious mind of what you want to attract into your life and helps raise your vibration to align with those intentions.

As a spiritual wellness practitioner who works with crystal-curious, self-aware, and health-conscious individuals like yourself, I believe that combining the power of crystals with the practice of creating a vision board can amplify your manifestations even further. By infusing your vision board with high-vibe energy from crystals, you can supercharge the manifestation process and ignite your inner goddess energy.

Here are some ideas to get started on designing a vision board that will inspire and empower you:

1. Begin by setting an intention: Before diving into the creative process, take a moment to set an intention for what you want to manifest in your life. Close your eyes, connect with your inner self, and ask yourself what desires are calling out to you. Is it finding love? Building a successful business? Cultivating vibrant health? Clarify your intentions before selecting images and words for your vision board.

2. Gather inspiration: Look for images, quotes, affirmations, or symbols that resonate with your desires. Magazines, books, Pinterest boards, or even online image searches can be great sources of inspiration. Trust your intuition and choose whatever speaks to you on a deep level.

3. Choose crystals that align with your intentions: Crystals have unique energies that can support different aspects of our lives. Select crystals that resonate with the intentions you’ve set for yourself. For example:
– Rose quartz: For attracting love and cultivating self-love.
– Citrine: For manifesting abundance and prosperity.
– Amethyst: For enhancing intuition and spiritual growth.

4. Create a sacred space: Find a quiet and comfortable space where you can work on your vision board. Clear the energy by smudging with sage or lighting candles. Play soft music or use essential oils to create a serene atmosphere that will allow you to connect with your inner goddess.

5. Arrange your vision board: Start arranging the images, quotes, and crystals on your vision board in a way that feels visually appealing to you. There are no rules here, so trust your instincts and let your creativity flow. You can use glue or pins to secure everything in place or even create a digital vision board that you send off to be printed.

6. Infuse high-vibe energy into your vision board: Once everything is arranged, take a moment to hold each crystal in your hand and infuse it with your intentions. Visualize the energy of the crystal merging with the images and words on your vision board, bringing them to life.

7. Display and engage with your vision board: Find a prominent place to display your vision board where you will see it every day. Make it a daily practice to spend a few minutes connecting with it, visualizing yourself already living the life you desire, and feeling the emotions associated with those manifestations.

Remember, creating a vision board is not just about wishful thinking; it’s about actively participating in co-creating your reality. By combining the power of visualization, intention setting, and crystal energy, you can raise your vibration and align yourself with the frequency of your desires.  Remember to include photos of you on your vision board to make sure that it’s clear that all of this is for you.

So go ahead, tap into your inner goddess energy, ignite your manifestation powers, and design a future that is aligned with who you truly are. Your dreams are within reach – all you have to do is believe in yourself and take inspired action!

If you’d like some help along the way drop me a message here and I can send you a link to buy my ‘How to Create Your Vision Board’ workshop.

With love,