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Welcome to the new year, a time of year which many of us see as being all about fresh starts and new beginnings. But seasonally, for those of us in the Northern hemisphere, January should actually be a month of rest, recuperation, and planning!

When we force ourselves to dive headfirst into New Year’s resolutions, often involving expensive gym memberships we won’t fully utilize, we are actually fighting against the massive forces of nature – no wonder it can feel like an uphill struggle!

Well why not take a different approach this year? Instead, let’s hunker down, take control of our money, and use January to manifest wealth and plan for a prosperous year ahead.

In this season of hibernation and self-reflection, we have a unique opportunity to pause and recharge. Nature enters a state of dormancy, and we too can take a step back and evaluate our financial goals. Embrace the slower pace of January and use it to your advantage – in January the stars and nature literally align to help us with planning, especially planning our money.

Money Magic Step 1

First of all take some reflect on our spending habits and financial patterns from the previous year. Take a moment to assess what worked well and what needs improvement. By understanding our past behaviours, we can make informed decisions and set realistic goals for the future.  Look at your budget, possibly even produce a budget – spreadsheets are so much more fun in winter, and constructively assess what went well.  Look as well at what is likely to change, plan in the changes so they don’t take you by surprise.

Money Magic Step 2

And next, move onto the fun bit.  Visualize your financial desires, set clear intentions, and use affirmations to reinforce a positive mindset. Explore techniques such as visualization, journaling, or check out my blog from last week on creating a vision board.  Call in the wealth, in all of it’s forms that you desire.

Write down some mantras; and repeat them to yourself daily:
– I love money and money loves me (PS: It is more than OK to love money, we need money, don’t repel it by being all shy about this!)
– I am safe with money and money is safe with me
– Money flows easily to me

As well as my vision board, I also programme crystals to help me to achieve my goals and I’ll be doing this with my Stone & Joy Circle members this month, in fact we do it quarterly, and it is truly astonishing what those ladies have achieved by consistently applying this simple practise.  If you’d like my free video on how to programme a crystal drop me a line here and I’ll send it right over.

Money Magic Step 3

Remember to practise gratitude to keep attracting in wealth, in all of it’s forms, into your life.  Keep a gratitude journal; or perhaps make it a habit to think about all the things for which you are grateful for when you are in the shower or on your drive to work.

So how are you now thinking you’ll use the Winter energy of January?

I hope that you seize it’s unique opportunity to use my Money Magic Steps above, to rest, to reflect, and to plan for the future. Embrace the slower pace and create a solid foundation for a prosperous year ahead. By prioritizing our financial well-being, we can ensure our va-va-voom returns and our dreams become a reality. Start this year off on the right foot and make January a month of money magic.

With love

Jo x