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This monthly membership gives you an entry point into the world of crystals and helps you to gradually develop an advanced level of understanding. You can start from zero, dip in and out of the resources as you wish, and build your knowledge each month until you have confidence in your crystal practice.

Along the way, you’ll feel the benefit of receiving regular treatments, having the right crystals in your space and using them effectively to keep out negative energy and invite positive energy in. Feel the weight lifting off your shoulders, the serenity of these powerful stones and the sparks of loving yourself and loving life again.

“I see, feel and experience the world so differently for being part of the Circle. I choose my energy, I create my own luck, I give and receive positive, high vibrations. Life is just better now.”

Victoria, showing off her vibe!
Online Crystals Course

What's included?

  • Fortnightly crystal treatments
  • Crystal Cards delivered to your door explaining the details of the crystal of the month
  • A foundational course that will give you the lowdown on how to use crystals
  • A private Facebook community where I’ll share information, hold weekly live workshops and answer your questions.

Only £97 per month

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