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You know crystals can be powerful. But figuring out how to actually use them to that effect in your everyday life is like a whisper in the woods – hard to make out and a little too witchy. You’re left wondering:

What crystals will actually help me? So far I’ve just picked out my favourite colours

How do I use them to their full effect? They’re currently collecting dust on my shelf 

How do I use them into my everyday life? Any jewellery needs to match my office outfit

Where do I even start? There’s so much I don’t understand that I feel completely bogged down

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What’s actually possible with crystals?

From my own experience and witnessing the transformation of people I’ve worked with, I know how crystals can change lives.

You have a wellbeing tool to hand, helping you attract positive energy and develop a resilient mindset. You can find a sense of balance and peace in a hectic world. You experience a strong sense of grounding and connection to nature by using a natural method of empowerment. You can adapt your practice to what is going on in your life so you feel fully supported, no matter what comes your way. Healing and energetic alignment fit into modern day life seamlessly.

In fact, crystals are the basis of modern day life…

Where would we be without computers, laptops, mobile phones and all our other devices?

What you might not know is that quartz crystals are a key component in many of our mobile devices because they respond to electronic signals. Crystals are part of our modern communication system. It makes sense that we’d use them to communicate better with ourselves and the world around us.

So how do you tap into this extraordinary power?

I bring distance treatments and the relevant information to you so you get the benefits straight away

Benefiting from the power of crystals shouldn’t be this hard. Especially when you’re already struggling with overwhelm, low self esteem and intense negative energy. It’s easier to open the door to positive energy through the tool of crystals with access to:

  • A trained expert you can trust
  • Fortnightly treatments included for you to access when it suits you
  • The foundation of what crystals to use, how to use them and how to look after them
  • Informational and inspirational Crystal Cards
  • Bite-sized learning as part of a like-minded community
  • Live training so you can interact with a real person as you develop your understanding
  • No tie-in membership, putting the control in your hands
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Introducing Stone & Joy Club

Helping ordinary people to harness the extraordinary power of crystals

This monthly membership gives you an entry point into the world of crystals and helps you to gradually develop an advanced level of understanding. You can start from zero, dip in and out of the resources as you wish, and build your knowledge each month until you have confidence in your crystal practice. 

Along the way, you’ll feel the benefit of having the right crystals in your space and using them effectively to keep out negative energy and invite positive energy in. Feel the weight lifting off your shoulders, the serenity of these powerful stones and the sparks of loving yourself and loving life again. 

What’s included?

  • Fortnightly crystal treatments
  • Crystal Cards delivered to your door explaining the details of the crystal of the month
  • A foundational course that will give you the lowdown on how to use crystals
  • A private Facebook community where I’ll share information, hold weekly live workshops and answer your questions

The monthly cost is £97 – no tie-in!

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“I've known Jo for years and I thought she'd lost the plot when she re-trained as a crystal therapist! But now I've experienced her treatments and accessed her knowledge, I just wouldn't be without crystals in my life!!”


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