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Are you eager to invite abundance, joy, and happiness into your life through the power of crystals? Learn all you need to know with the Stone & Joy Online Crystals Course – the perfect way to become crystal-savvy! Our program is packed with simple and easy-to-follow advice on crystal selection, care, and usage — so you can unlock the power of crystals to manifest your dream life.

Join us today and explore the magical world of crystals, while unlocking a more balanced, joyful and abundant life!

Crystal Therapy Treatments | Home Crystal Therapy - Stone & Joy

Hear from Jo, your online tutor!


Welcome to the exciting world of crystals!

Are you ready to learn how to bring balance and relaxation into your life? This course contains all the insider tips and tricks to harness the power of crystals and make your everyday that little bit brighter. Keep reading to find out how the Stone & Joy Online Crystals Course will help you live a more positive life!

Crystal Therapy Treatments | Home Crystal Therapy - Stone & Joy
Learn How to Use Crystals Through Experiential Learning

You’ll be learning in an immersive and interactive way with meditations to take part in, responding to questions and engaging with experts, you will deepen your understanding of the power and potential of crystals.

You’ll have personal experience of the energy of different crystals, you’ll learn how to select them, as well as explore how to apply them to issues related to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being.

Learn Crystals On Your Own Terms

Our online crystals course is self-paced and available for life, allowing you to take your time learning all about crystals from the comfort of your own home.

You are encouraged to go slow to really integrate the energies of the different crystals as you become familiar with them and as you start to do more and more self treatments.

Get Your Crystal Questions Answered!

Get personalized answers to all your questions about crystals with our monthly live sessions with experts in the field! Get direct access to our certified instructors with decades of experience.

Unlock the full potential of crystals with helpful insight directly from the source!

Take Charge of Your Self-Care with Crystal Treatments!

You’ll no longer need to book appointments for perfect relaxation–you can create it yourself with crystal treatments! This feature helps individuals interested in crystals learn how to relax and recharge, from the comfort of their own home.

Caring for your Crystals – Unlock the Magic!

Discover how to clean, store, and charge your crystals to unlock the powerful energies within and bring out the best benefits they have to offer!  Start making the most out of your crystals and experience the positive energies they have to offer.

Crystal Therapy Treatments | Home Crystal Therapy - Stone & Joy

Hear from some of your fellow students as they share their love for the online crystal course below.

Jo is such an amazing teacher - I could listen to her for hours. Her knowledge is incredible, as is her perspective.
Doing the course is a joy in itself but I'm now starting to feel the shifts in my life. Hard to describe really, but life is definitely on the up.


I just wish I'd done this course years ago. I'd gotten quite disillusioned with crystals; I believed that I had been conned and had bought fake crystals. Now I know that I just needed to take better care of them and know how to use them. Buying crystals has become a joy again, but using them is even more joyful.

I can always feel her energy and I feel safe around her.


I've never found learning easy, so it was a big leap of faith for me to sign up to a course. It felt easier because it was online and I didn't feel I'd be shamed in front of a class full of people but I needed have worried about doing this course at all. This course is all about practical steps, tools and techniques. For the first time ever I feel I am achieving on a course.


Transform Your Life and Wellbeing with The Stone & Joy Online Crystals Course!

Invest in Your Crystals Learning Journey Today!

We’re excited to be offering The Stone & Joy Online Crystals Course for just £370!

• An experiential course – you learn by doing
• Self paced and available for life
• Your instructor, Jo Summers, is a fully qualified crystal therapist with a wealth of experience
• Monthly live sessions where you can put any questions directly to Jo
• Learn self care treatments that you can use for life
• Learn how to care for your crystals to get the most out of them, saving money in the process.

What are you waiting for? Invest in this transformational learning journey now and reap the rewards!

Crystal Therapy Treatments | Home Crystal Therapy - Stone & Joy