Hi! I'm Jo, Your Crystal Lady, on a mission to help women like you feel fantastic again.

Crystal Therapy Treatments | Home Crystal Therapy - Stone & Joy

During and after this centering treatment you will experience new levels of joy and calm, and you’ll receive expert guidance to help you stay clear of chaos and re-discover your inner peace.

And there’s a lovely little surprise bonus at the end for you too!

Crystal Therapy Treatments | Home Crystal Therapy - Stone & Joy
Crystal Therapy Treatments From the Comfort of Home

Have you found a place of peace and quiet in which to enjoy this treatment?

Have you gifted yourself an hour in which to luxuriate in this treatment?

Have you got a glass of water to hand? And a notebook to take notes?

Perfect, you are ready to hit play!

Conquer Low Energy & Find Joy.

How the Stone & Joy Circle Will Bring You Lasting Peace & Happiness.

Crystal Therapy Treatments | Home Crystal Therapy - Stone & Joy
EXTRA BONUS: Kickstart your wellbeing with a complimentary 1-1 online treatment with Jo.  Book your slot as soon as you join, at a time to suit you.
Feel connected with pay as you go membership of our beautiful, supportive, high vibe, private Facebook community; including full access to all current and previous Treatments and Workshops.
Three Group Distance Healing Treatments every month, live on zoom. If you can’t attend, it’s OK because you don’t even need to watch the replay to receive the energy at a time that suits you.  It’s like three treatments for the price of one each and every month – and it’s powerful!
A mindfulness and crystal themed workshop every month, recorded if you can’t attend. This will build your crystal know how so you can feel more confident with your self practise; but more importantly it will raise your vibration another level again.
A gorgeous, high quality collectable crystal infused oracle card posted to your doorstep each month so you can build your own deck of crystal oracle cards. You can even use them in lieu of actual crystals!
A focus, every month on our Crystal of the Month which includes a guided meditation, as well as Q&A drop in sessions to help you get the most out of The Circle; and any crystals that you may already own.


You Time every month – as much or as little as you can manage.

Energy Top Ups every month – guaranteed.

Don't Suffer in Silence: Make The Change for Lasting Health and Wellbeing by joining the rest of our Crystal Curious Tribe.

I am truly now invested in this therapy, especially with Jo as she is so very connected energetically and exceptionally knowledgeable. It seems strange to me now that I was ever sceptical! Amazing things have happened for me in my life since joining the Circle.

The Lovely Helen

Jo is amazing. I love the sessions and how I feel after. Jo puts me at ease, always explaining treatments - from what she is going to do, the crystals, the reasons and then what she recommends as after care.

I can always feel her energy and I feel safe around her.

Another Amazing Jo

An everyday wonder! From crystals sceptic to true believer in a few short months, I've never had such clarity and focus - these treatments helped me land my dream job.

Sophie, one of our Stars

Close your eyes.

Picture how this new, crystal clear version of you, will show up.

How will your work improve and what will your income look like?
How will new opportunities appear, in an effortless way?
How will the things you love most in life become more abundant?
How will your relationships improve and expand?
How will your voice be heard and how will your needs be met?

And ultimately how would it feel for your glorious energy to ripple outwards and lift everyone around you?

That ripple effect of positivity really can be effortlessly yours.

Crystal Therapy Treatments | Home Crystal Therapy - Stone & Joy

“I'm different now. My husband looks at me and tells me that there is something different about me, in a good way, that I've got a shine about me now. I'm loving that change and I'm loving that others can see it in me too. I'm getting back to me being me.”

Magical Maddy
Crystal Therapy Treatments | Home Crystal Therapy - Stone & Joy
Crystal Therapy Treatments | Home Crystal Therapy - Stone & Joy

Who am I and why am I enticing you with my sparkly crystals?

Your Crystal Lady

Well you've e-met me already but here's a bit about me.

A few years ago, I was that career woman that wanted it all.  And I got it, even though I was a single mum.

But with all the pushing the highs turned into lows, and I soon found myself staring into my G&T wondering “WHY DO I FEEL SO EXHAUSTED?”

The answer came to me when I couldn’t get out of bed and needed time off work. I was officially experiencing Burn Out.

Have you been there, too?  Or are you feeling dangerously close to that precipice?

I frantically searched for an answer to get my mojo back because I couldn’t afford to be a stay in bed mum.

I tried so many treatments, but nothing made me feel permanently energised.


That one thing was crystals.

Gently and gradually, their power restored me to my former self.

I found balance in my chaos, peace in the rush and release from a lifetime of trauma that I’d never dealt with properly.

With the crystals I built a vision of how I could help myself first; and then others.

I am proudly ACHO certified and registered as well as fully insured, so when you work with me you will feel safe and held on all levels.

That's why I created The Stone & Joy Circle

Because I want you to feel... Energised, Connected and of course JOYFUL!

Are you ready to show up in the the world as the new, higher vibe version of you?

Then it's time to open yourself up to new energies and a whole new you.

Simply click on the button below to book your application call with me now.

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Crystal Therapy Treatments | Home Crystal Therapy - Stone & Joy

I can't wait to share the magic of crystals with you. To see your face and hear your voice when you tell me that somehow, you are starting to feel different......just more in tune and at peace with life.

Becoming a crystal therapist has given me life back.  In the early stages of my training it was all about treating myself and very close members of my family.

I began to see things so much more clearly.

My way ahead became crystal clear (pun very much intended!) and I lost all the weight that I felt I was carrying on my shoulders.

More than anything, THAT is the gift I want you to experience.  How, when energetic balance is restored, life all starts to fall into place for you.

This isn’t about squeezing in a bit of you time.  I want so much more for you than that.

You NEED self care in order to show up as the very best version of you both at home and at work.

It is the first law of physics: you NEED energy in order to keep giving it.

This is a conscious choice to receive more so that you can be more; so that you can get clear about your dreams and ambitions; so that you can fulfil those dreams and ambitions; and live an abundant life.

You will find yourself making more and more of these conscious, healthy decisions as the crystals have a bigger and bigger impact on your life.

You will find that life starts to flow more.

Stone & Joy is for you if you want to step up your whole life and easily find the energy to do so.

And often times, this will happen whilst you sleep!

Isn’t that …..well, incredible?

Isn’t it empowering, that you can choose this?

From this point forwards, I am excited to see how this manifests for you.  I’m literally just waiting for your ‘wow’ moments.

Much love


Crystal Therapy Treatments | Home Crystal Therapy - Stone & Joy